About Us

About Us

Welcome to HS Athletics.

Pierre FontaineMy name is Pierre Fontaine, I am 55, my biological age is 27*. Thanks to having paid attention to my lifestyle, a little more than exercise and as much humor as possible no matter the circumstances, I feel great.

I developed the products we have to make my training easier, little did I know that each one would surpasse my expectations far more than I would ever have thought. I have NEVER popped OTC or prescription painkillers or anti inflammatories.  NEVER. I want you to do the same especially in the light of the recent new warnings from the FDA regarding these meds.

In February 2016, I will be running my first 250 K ultra marathon. I regularly do 50K on my own. I was inspired to run a 250K because I just don’t feel old. (01-2016. I cancelled the February race due to personal matters, namely a divorce that takes far longer than was anticipated.)

The goal of this site is for you to find information about our products to help you be (or become) a better athlete than you already are without popping pain killers.

I can assure you will find these products very useful. They are not going to mask pain, they will diminish it by facilitating deeper and faster healing time. You want to feel your body has worked, if you want to run, bike, lift weights or whatever your sport is and not feel some pain the next day then this is not for you.

I want to feel my body, if I am in pain, which is rare, I want to know what it is about.

Train wise and then train hard.

* Based on the most precise measurement from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology estimate of my fitness level.