B. D. N. F. Say WHAT?

If you ever felt lazy and tried every which way to fight your restless legs and or your conscience to get out in the cold to run here is the ultimate reason for your legs and conscience to win.


What this mean is that running long distance helps create new brain cells. The story of how guys in white coats figured this out is really interesting. Three types of exercises were compared. Running, weight training and high intensity interval.

For sure, exercise reduces the aging effect on the brain but what was not known until now was which exercise is the most effective for adult neuro-genesis: the creation of brain cells in a mature brain.

The experiment was done with rats divided into three groups. The running rats developed neuro-genesis far more effectively than the rats who did weight training. How did the rats do weight training, you might ask? They attached little weights on their tails and had the rats climb a wall on a regular basis. The third group of rats was put on alternating speed treadmills; up and down that way for up to 15 minutes.

Isn’t it fabulous? Very ingenious, I think. The routine lasted seven weeks after which they checked the brains of the little critters. The rats that ran long distance had the most neuro-genesis. Next came the alternate speed group and lastly the weight training created the least near-genesis. If this physiological process is the same for humans then we can say that sustained exercise keeps your brain young and I say that is something to run for. To be sure, swimming, cycling or any type of sustain exercise, each probably have similar benefits though each one probably affects a different area of the brain much like writing cursive activates a different part of the brain than writing script.

Go figure but it makes sense. The more diversity the better.

Happy sustained exercise