I started writing this piece about six months ago and shelved it because it was too incendiary and possibly totally inaccurate.

The scientific community is at a total loss to explain that high cholesterol diet don’t cause higher risk of cardio vascular (CV) disease. Considering the billions spent on proving this to be correct, if we don’t know this without the shadow of a doubt then what do we know? It would seem to be close to nothing and that ought to make us think as to what we believe to be medically true as a whole.

What we have been told is that eating meat is a big “no, no” but several recent studies don’t show a relationship between high animal fat diet and cardiovascular disease even when someone has genetic markers for heightened risks of CV disease.

This has taken the industrial food processors by surprise and it is now scrambling to replace some of the fat free or low fat items they developed with fat. Ice cream makers makers are letting of the alternatives they have been using and going back to heavy cream. The question is: Should we be on this return of the pendulum bandwagon?

The answer, I think should be rather nuanced. With foods there are always two matters that come first and foremost. Quality and quantity.

For those who will throw the baby with the bathwater beware. I am sticking to the idea that most of us should reduce the quantity of foods we eat by 20 to 30%.
Equally important is the quality. When I eat meat I do eat the best grasped beef there is available. Aged of course is generally better as well as enzymes and bacterias have had time to break down the tissues.

While I don’t think a vegetarian diet is a must, these finding also don’t say to forego eating fruits and vegetables in great quantities. In fact, I have found that running and cycling to the extend that I do facilitates the consumption of fruits and vegetables. The body simply asks for them. After a long run my body wants fruits. When I don’t run I don’t have any desires for them. Simply said, it is all really well designed. Awesome.