How I keep a skinny butt

Friday, January 22nd. Up at 5:30AM. No, I didn’t get up to go run, I am not here to make you feel guilty. I got up because it looks like yesterday my divorce might have finalized and I woke up as a free man. There is lots to say about this but not here.
I wanted to go run but I read the newspaper and lazed around until the morning caught up on me. I took a look at my schedule for the day; heavy! I will run later……
Later. I leave the office at 9:30PM, tomorrow we are supposed to be pounded by a heavy snowstorm. Perfect opportunity. I take the CitiBike around the corner on 32nd St and Lexington Ave, ride it up to my apt on 120th St on the West Side, park the bike inside my building while I quickly change into my sport clothes. Run down the stairs, pick up the bike and ride it back down to 85th Street and Central Park West. Get off the bike Triathlon Style and run a 10K in deserted Central Park which feels a little menacing, snow begins to dust the city.By the time I come home I am freezing, the kind I like and I feel great, I didn’t waste my time. After a hot shower I am good to go for more… in the morning in the snow!

It’s late Saturday afternoon and I have my trail shoes on, it’s been snowing hard for 12 hours. Let’s go for a run in the snow. The footing is unsure but that is the point. Slow running to not get injured but all kind of muscle fibers get a good work out. A 5 k will do. Fabulous, gorgeous, my feet are super cold, the city has shed its gray and black facade and become the angel it actually is to some of us. I feel great, the “bad” weather actually helped me get out there. As I always say. I need all the help I can get, I think I’ll go for a 10K tomorrow… that’s how I keep a skinny butt 🙂