West Point

Pierre Fontaine at West Point

Great time running at West Point. 5k down 1k flat and 15k going uphill and a great shirt with West Point on the front. Absolutely great. Base training of this winter is paying off. I think the next half will be under 1:45hr. but here is something that is disconcerting to me.

Right at the starting line as we were starting a runner took three puffs from her inhaler. That clearly increases oxygen into the lung and give an adrenal boost. Now, is my race on equal footing with her? I don’t think so. Obviously nothing can be done about it and in such a case asthma would be blamed and how can someone criticize that? but I run on NO MEDS and by the time I get to my first goal of top ten my conscience will be clear. By the time, I get to top three I will be wearing a shirt saying “I did it without meds. 100% clean. Homeopathy kicks ass.”

Happy Running.